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The school run

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the Bourne Community Bus arrives at Bourne Community College at 3.30, enabling Thorney Island based pupils to attend an hour of after school activities such as exam study, sports and dance classes. This free service then takes them back to Thorney to drop off at Church Road and Canberra road […]

Drivers Thorney Island

Driver training

The Bourne Community Bus service now has eight MIDAS qualified volunteer drivers to help disabled and all other residents using the bus. On 28th and 30th March STA Training took drivers from Nutbourne, Southbourne and Emsworth through their paces on a two day course, with half a day covering resident and disabled passenger needs and […]

bourne bus Thorney Island

How the bus started

This project came about through a meeting Tracie and Andrew had in 2019 at Thorney Island Baker Barracks. We learnt about the issue of isolation, a very real and impactful element of day to day military and family life, which got even tougher when COVID hit in April 2020. As a member of the Civilian […]