Bus Project

The Bourne Community Bus was launched in June 2022.

In 2020 Tracie Bangert and Andrew Kerry-Bedell met with Dickie and the welfare team at Thorney Island Baker Barracks. With many families not having cars, it was clear one of the key factors about feelings of loneliness on the island was linked to a lack of local transport options.

Once Thorney’s requirements were worked out, Andrew toured Chidham and Hambrook, Southbourne and Westbourne Parishes to see if there were similar resident needs. Not surprisingly, there were, as many local bus services had been cut back over the years. Emsworth Resident’s Association then got involved, and the team was complete.

It’s taken £50,000 in grants and Parish funding, project planning and support from SCLT and Community Transport Sussex to keep the Bourne Bus running.

The Bourne Bus is now a collaboration of seven towns and villages with 20 people involved in its day to day operation and running.

We’re pleased to offer this FREE resident bus service, as well as offering the bus for low cost individual or group hire – click here.