The Bourne Bus

The Bourne Community Bus provides FREE local resident travel

We run every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 08:30 to 16:00 to make it easy for everyone to go shopping in local towns and villages, access social activities and to visit friends and family.

Click to see the 2024 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday bus timetable

The minibus has 16 seats and easy disabled lift access, so you can just turn up at one of 29 stops and get on and off exactly where you want.

It’s FREE so no cash is needed to travel, but you can donate to help running costs with a payment card on the bus, or below.

Donate £1, £2 or £5 here (just put in ‘pickup’ as shipping method)

The timetable has 60-90 minute circular routes each day using safe local pick-up points and regular bus stops in Thorney, Southbourne, Westbourne, Hambrook, Nutbourne, New Brighton and Emsworth.

From Jan 2024 we also run Wednesdays from Compton and Stoughton area villages to Rowlands Castle, Stansted Garden Centre, Westbourne, Emsworth and Havant Tesco.

Click to see the Wednesday timetable

Note: the Bourne Bus does not run between Christmas and New Year.

Pick-up pointsDestinations
Southbourne (three stops)Havant Tesco Extra
Nutbourne St. Wilfrid’s HallHavant Spring Arts Centre
Hambrook Post OfficeEmsworth High Street
Westbourne (four stops)Thorney Island
New Brighton Road (two stops)Hermitage
Thorney Island (two stops)Southbourne Tesco
Emsworth High StreetTraveller’s Joy / Farm Shop
Bourne Community CollegeNutbourne
Havant Tesco Extra Hambrook
Chichester County Hall Westbourne
Compton Parish (4 stops)Stansted Garden Centre
Stoughton Parish (5 stops)Rowlands Castle
See the main bus timetable See the Compton and Stoughton timetable

The bus operates within a 15 mile radius of Thorney Island and is run to support everyone without easy access to public transport services.

Our service is accessible for all, with a rear ramp for wheelchairs, prams and those with reduced mobility. Any resident can travel, so you don’t need to be disabled or to use mobility aids to ride the bus.